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Aesthetic facial Surgery

Aesthetic facial surgery, also known as cosmetic facial surgery, is a subspecialty of plastic surgery that focuses on improving the appearance of the face. The goal of these procedures is to enhance the natural beauty of the face, restore a more youthful appearance, or correct asymmetry or functional problems. Some common aesthetic facial surgery procedures include blepharoplasty, facelift, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), eyelid surgery, chin augmentation, cheek augmentation, and lip enhancement.

It's  important to choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who understands your aesthetic goals and can advise you on the best procedure to achieve them.

As an Ophthalmologist and Surgeon, Dr. Velayo combines exceptional technical with medical expertise. Her extensive surgery experience and aesthetic sensibility create stunning results. 

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Lid Crease Creation
Breast Augmentation
Eye Bag removal
Oculoplastic Surgery
Thread Lift
Wart & Mole Removal
Chin Augmentation
Face Lift
Breast Lift
Tummy Tuck


"I had eye lid surgery and I never felt younger looking than before! The good thing having surgery done by Dr. Peggy is no one could ever say that you had any form of surgery, thanks to natural looking works of Dr. Peggy! Thank you always Doc!"

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