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Plastic Surgery in the COVID Era

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Many people are asking me, if it is safe to have functional Blepharoplasty, Injectables, Fillers or a Nose lift / Rhinoplasty in COVID times? My answer is, YES! This is the time to have a facial cosmetic surgery. In fact I have seen a lot of patients inquiring as to how to improve the appearance of their eyelids.

This is the perfect time to have corrective or cosmetic eyelid surgery. There are no events and people are working from home. Thus, taking a week or so off to recover has never been easier.

People have become more conscious of their eyes now since they are the ONLY facial feature that others are seeing.

I am seeing several patients in the clinic that have been looking at their eyes during meetings on zoom calls who are now ready to do something about their tired looking eyelids.

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